Digital Marketing Tactic



    To create awareness of the brand new Lifestyle Mall and lead people to visit the place using online media.


    For The Shoppes"s Facebook Fanpage, we crate activity that lead customers to visit the mall. First, we created a point-cumulating activity called ZocialUp. This activity let fan member collect points by engaging on the fanpage (Like, Post, Share), then will use those points to redeem for The Shoppes"s Gift vouchers. Finally, customers has to come to The Shoppes and using Voucher there. Also we leverage online influencers by ask them to visit & review our place, then post a review on their blog.


    From online media, The Shoppes increase brand awareness and drive people to visit the mall significantly. With online influencers, it generated more than 3,000,000 pageviews on their blogs and 4,000 engaging users participated in ZocialUp activity on Fanpage.