Digital Marketing Tactic



    In 2013, Samsung CRM Marketing has faced a low response rate of 3% For Digital CRM Campaign, Samsung wanted to utilize over 1 million membership data to get the most out of their database.But things cannot be that easy: Database had stored in multiple locations, All database has different data format and There are some discrepancy in all database
    So, When the marketing team want to reach out to their database whether by email, sms or mail, it"s a chaos! These database are way too mess up.


    Samsung has developed SMART UP CRM system, the one of a kind system that become smarter and smarter through learning consumer data. It adopted "fussy logic" to extract, analyze and utilize the true value of 1 Million data records.
    The fussy logic system extract those active records by cleansing duplicate data out of the system. Then it analyzes each consumer purchasing pattern and social behavior in real time, in order to segment and recommend the most potential groups for campaigns. For instance finding the right and precise target to introduce a new smart phone. The system could recommend the group of consumer age between 25 to 35 who are trend setter, socialize and smart phone lovers.
    With Samsung SMART UP CRM, samsung knows more and more about who are true customers. From campaigns to campaigns response rate, the system is able to automatically improve the correctness of each consumer record, learn their behavior, and get social insight in order to upgrade itself for next campaign targeting.


    Smart UP CRM reveal 600,000 Clean data that help to improve brand interaction rate from 3% to 25% on standard open rate email campaigns and up to 50% on direct privilege campaigns. With Smarter technology to manage Big data in real-time, its result show the "breakthrough engagement rate" of either traditional SMS or blast email marketing at approximately 1-4%.