Digital Marketing Tactic



    To create the card acquisition by guarantee the card applying number and improve it month by month as well as create AEON as the top of mind Credit Card.


    We take care of media that will lead targeted visitors to AEON Credit card acquisition site. Most of media that we use is Real Time Bidding Media that allow us to optimize and improve media performance almost immediately. Also the optimization on Landing Page and Registration From is the key ingredient. Another important technique that we have used is called Hijacked SEM. We bid AEON's competitor main keywords to steal traffic to AEON website, and it's worked!


    In first month of Campaign, AEON got online application at 130 Bath per 1 "click apply" conversion. We has reduced it to 40 Bath per conversion which is about 3 times of cost saving. We also increate conversion rate from 5% to 25% by optimizing message and element on landing page. In the highest performance month, we can build up to 20,000 credit card apply (lead generation).